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Top 10 things you need to know about night vision devices

  Date: Tuesday 24 October, 2006
Rigel Optics offers first-time buyers with tips on choosing the best night vision device.

Vancouver, Washington (PRWEB) October 19, 2006.

With the rising popularity of night vision devices for recreational use in recent years, many users are still in the dark when it comes to understanding the technology, the applications, of night vision, and what device is best for a given application. Washington based Rigel Optics Night Vision, America’s number 1 choice for high-end consumer grade night vision provides users with the top 10 things you should know when buying and using night vision devices.

1. The higher the magnification, the greater distance that I can see with a night vision device.

Unlike day binoculars, the detection range of an object through a night vision device is primarily determined by the quality of the image amplification tube, and the light gathering capability of the objective lens.

2. Night vision devices can be used in total darkness.

Night vision devices require some ambient light (starlight, moonlight, street lights) to intensify, and in the total absence of ambient light a night vision device will not work. However, most night vision devices feature an infrared illuminator, which acts as a flashlight for to create a light source for the image tube.

3. Generation 1 night vision devices are legal.

Rigel Optics specializes in Generation 1 night vision, which is not regulated by any US governing authority, and is legal to buy and use anywhere in the country. Some states and municipalities have restrictions on the purchase and use of night vision rifle scopes, and it is not permitted to export Generation 2 or 3 night vision devices outside the US without explicit approvals from the US Federal Government.

4. Russian night vision is not inferior to US night vision.

Russia is the largest producer in the world of Generation 1 image tubes, which is the key component used in nearly all night vision devices used in the United States. Most Generation 1 night vision components are manufactured from Russia and the CIS countries. US based companies, ITT (http://www.ittnv.com) and Litton (http://www.northropgrumman.com) specialize in manufacturing Generation 2 and 3 night vision, which is predominately used by the military and law enforcement.

5. Night vision goggles are light weight.

Rigel Optics features the Rigel 3250 Compact Night Vision Goggle, which is one of the lightest Generation 1 night vision goggles in the world. Weighing in at under 1lb., it is ideal for extended viewing periods.

6. Night vision devices can be bought or rented.

For as low as $45 per week, customers can rent night vision devices from Rigel Optics.

7. Night vision binoculars and monoculars are not alike.

Night vision monoculars or scopes feature only 1 ocular and imager tube, and as a result are priced at about half of their binoculars counterparts. Night vision binocular users, however benefit from more “stereoscopic” vision with night vision capability through both eyes.

8. Night vision devices are inexpensive.

Although the price of night vision image tubes, and consequently night vision devices, has actually increased over the past several years, Rigel Optics offers for sale brand new in-store demo models for under $200.

9. Night vision devices are easy to service and repair in the US.

Rigel Optics offers an unconditional 12 month warranty against any manufacturer defects on all its night vision products and carries out repair service of any of its night vision devices, regardless of the product’s age.

10. Many night vision devices are waterproof and/or water resistant

The Rigel 1150 marine night vision monocular is a truly water-proof night vision device, complete with water-tight seals and protection against condensation build-up on the ocular lenses. All other Rigel Optics brand night vision devices are water resistant, and are protected against moderate exposure to rain, mist, or other forms of condensation.

taken from their website